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School Administration

This module will enable the System Administrator to perform system and database backup/restore functions.

Fee Collection

The Fee Module of TALENT ITS is the one of the most automated fee calculation module available in the market.

Admission Process

Student admission is a mandatory part of any school. Admission module provides a student

Account Management

The Integrated Accounting Package allows comprehensive management of accounts without the need of cumbersome posting of vouchers. Integrated with fee module, the accounts module automatically manages posting of fees into appropriate accounts heads.

Student/Staff Attendance

Attendance section plays different roles for Students and Employees. Student’s attendance details act as a tool to identify irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of repetitive or long absences. This System is integrated with attendance gate fixed on School Main entrance, which enables SMS to parents about their ward.

School Transportation

The Transport Management module enables effective management of School Transport. User-defined routes can be created along with Transporter Details. Route Master Summary, which consists number of students under single route. With a single click user can check Route wise Fee Outstanding, Collection. System keeps tracks of Route Change History of each student. It displays information of students who has opted for transport but no route is assigned to them.

Data Managements

In any organization with plenty of data need to manage in a way which reduces redundancy and duplication. School information software provides user-friendly solution to manage data efficiently on some clicks. eduWare is basically designed for collecting data about concern staff and student in school.

Student Details

The Student Records Management module enables effective management of comprehensive records on each student such as student personal particulars along with Photograph, attendance, co-curriculum activities, achievement, discipline, previous school information, school leaving information and parent/guardian. The system will eliminate duplicate effort on numerous manual processes and paperwork.

Employee Details

A school employee management module which helps to manage data about employees flawless. Precisely manage employee’s leave and salary information. An employee can be categorized according to designation and job category.

HR Management

HR management is a core part of any organization to handle human resources. eduWare HR management module provides efficient, accurate functionality which is managed by HR of the organization. Basic functionality like leave management, PF Challan, pay slip, salary management is available in the eduWare school management software.


The Reception Management module manages your school reception such as Complaints, Appointments, Gate Pass Management and Student Attendance.

Time Table Records

This module allows user to keep records of timetables for the classes in the school. User may different templates to suit multiple teaching sessions at the school.

The E-Report Card/Examination

Examinations can be customized to suit the needs of the school as well as the needs of senior and junior learners. From kindergarten to the senior most classes, you will be able to define the various exams held in your school and the marks and weight age to be carried into the final exams.

Bulk SMS

This is most powerful module which connects parents with school with a single click. Any information (generalized/personalized), which is to be given to parents, can be send via SMS on their Mobiles. Fee Reminder, Student absent information, Cheque dishonored information, General Information also can be given by SMS.


The outcome of any product is the most important thing because it will directly relate to user. The eduWare school software generates an outline of all modules in the form of reports. The software generates various reports like fees collection, student result, student/staff attendance, salary reports, account, student progress report etc.

Enquiry Option

Just with a click on mouse, user shall be able to retrieve the desired information. With the TALENT ITS architecture, though modular in design, there is no need to jump between modules in order to run a query or print a report, all essential functions are available at one time. Under a central database, and change to any record, once updated will be immediately available to all users. Particularly for administrators effective management and decision-making. The online process will ensure that up-to-the minute information is available.

Parent Portal

Now a day’s use of the Internet is very rapidly used by the people. eduWare create an online web portal for the student and mainly for the parents. The online student management system provides web portal which benefits for parents to track information about their child/student.

Various Utilities

TALANT IT Solutions provides various other utilities like calculator, notepad, data backup facility etc. In utilities there are various settings available for fees, SMS, salary, attendance, transport etc. User can change settings and get the output as per requirement. The biometric machine setting is directly set with school management software

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